We deliver, install, commission, maintain and repair installations and equipment for waste and recyclable material handling. We also provide the necessary consumables such as binding strap, bags as well as wheelie bins, tipping containers and other waste containers, ….

Contact us for more information on balers, static compactors, portable compactors, screw compactors, Bigbelly connected street bins, ….

Our experience technicians provide a quality service and efficient service “on the spot”.

Sorting – Compacting – Recycling


Liquid separation

Compacting containers

Portable Screw Compactor

Compacting containers


Static compactors

Static Compactor

Static compactors

Static Screw Compactor

Static compactors

Static Compactor MP Serie

Industry and Logistics:

Time and space gains, revenue from recyclable materials: a complete range of stationary and portable compactors, vertical and horizontal balers, drum compactors as well as the technical service and consumables.

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Waste Handlers :

Portable and stationary compactors, roll compactors, special containers to optimize handling and transport of recyclable and waste materials.

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Special equipment

Roll Packer

Compacting containers


Static compactors

Static Compactor MP 1300

Horizontal balers

Horizontal balers 350 PET

Wheelie Bin press

HCP 1,1

Vertical Balers

Flex 5031

Vertical Balers

Flex 5030

Vertical Balers

Flex 4240




Hygiene and efficiency; no more cumbersome waste materials to be evacuated all the time. We propose proven equipment to handle waste streams, on the “preparation and cooking” side and now also on the “guests” side.

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Public Cleanliness :

Smart City !

Bigbelly, smart waste bins and « sorting in the street » bins for the recyclable fraction together with a powerful « Cloud App » for control and management.

In other words, an integrated public cleanliness system for the city of tomorrow.

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Smart waste

Bigbelly HC5

Communication systems

CLEAN Management Console

Smart waste

Bigbelly SC5

A brief history of Tecnor

Tecnor nv/sa was created towards the end of the year 1971 by the company Mechim (then part of the holding Société Générale de Belgique).

The company specialises from the beginning in the sale, distribution and maintenance of equipment and installations for recyclable materials and waste. The concept of sorting and compacting certain materials in order to allow their economical recycling was new at the time.

In 1995, Tecnor was then part of the group Watco, the company acquires Renova Containers based in Grimbergen and moves into the facilities of the latter, alongside the Vilvoorde canal in Grimbergen. This central location is ideal to serve the broad customer base that has in the meantime been developed in Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Furthermore, highly qualified personnel and a large workshop allow as much the storage as the efficient repair of industrial equipment.

Many customer stations have been realized, based on single or multiple stationary presses and often with additional and auxiliary equipment. Tecnor takes responsibility for the integration of the various components, of their commissioning and of the maintenance. The operational life of the machines is quite long and various installations of the early years are still in use.

Collaboration with the company Orwak (from Sweden) in the area of vertical bale presses dates back to 1990. The concept of bale presses is readily accepted in Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and many machines are installed in virtually all fields of activity.

In March 2004 Tecnor becomes an independent company, specialised in the field of equipment for the sorting, shredding and compacting of recyclable material. With more than 40 years of experience in this specific field, the company makes available to its customers not only the most appropriate equipment, but also an experienced and qualified Technical Service and the consumables necessary to the safe and good operation of this equipment.