Vertical and Horizontal Balers:

Balers will let you sort and compact recyclable materials « at the source », and in so doing reduce the residual waste fraction. This way you will save time and space whilst also reducing the transport costs.

Carboard/paper and plastic film are recurring examples of such recyclable materials, there are many others like tin cans for drinks, drums, textiles, “PET” bottles, other plastic materials and so on.

For this range of equipment we have been working closely with Orwak (Sweden) for many years.

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Static Compactors, Portable Compactors and related equipment:

This usually bigger equipment will generally be placed outside and built for purpose from standard base designs.

We propose a wide and complete range of models (stationary and portable compactors, roll compactors, shredders) as well as the associated equipment like for instance the hydraulic tipping devices, transfer stations for containers or compactors, and so on.

Complete tailor-made solutions can also be developed for special situations.

For this range of equipment we have a established long relationship with the Husmann company in Germany.

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Screw Compactors :

These special compactors are designed to selectively compact special materials like expanded polystyrene (« EPS ») used as light protective packaging material for electric and electronic equipment and also for seafood products (« fish boxes »).
The resulting blocks of compacted material can be transported to the recycling plants.

Another very interesting development is the « liquid separation » solution in various domains.

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Smart Waste bins:

The Bigbelly system !
An ingenious combination of up-to-date techniques and technologies have led to a very innovative approach for street cleanliness and a now demonstrated and established « smart city » solution.
Solar energy, compaction, sorting-on-the-street as a basis for recycling, telecoms and a thorough Cloud App for publics services, citizens and the environment.

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The Longopac endless bag system consists of a mobile or fixed support device fitted with an endless bag. The bag is produced in polyethylene with three very thin layers. It is then folded using a special machine and stored in a compact cassette.

The bag change is done in less than 30 seconds. Thanks to the endless bag, the tiresome roll search is eliminated. Since the replacement and closing takes place from the outside of the bag, there is no contact with the waste, which avoids costly cleaning.

Depending on the use, the endless bag is available in several colors and thicknesses as well as in mini, midi and maxi versions.

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Wheelie bins:


Available in different colours; grey, blue, green as standard colours and also in red and yellow. Capacities from 60 litre to 340 litre.

4 wheel containers

Available in galvanised steel or plastic material in different colours ; grey, blue, green as standard colours and also in red and yellow. Four rotating wheels, of which 2 with brake. Capacities of 660 litre, 770 litre & 1.000 litre with flat lid and 1.100 litre , with round lid

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