Always with the best quality, TECNOR also provides you with the consumables you need! Whether you need binding straps for balers (plastic or wire), plastic bags (in rolls) for compactors or endless garbage bags Longopac. We have what you need:

Binding strap for Balers

Textile strap made of high strength glued (hot-melt) polyester yarn, flexible, water resistant. All our binding straps are delivered in boxes of 8 coils. Delivery within 3 workdays after receipt of order.

  • For balers up to 5 ton pressure : largeur de ruban 9mm, 500 mètres par rouleau, résistance > 280kg. Référence Tecnor : LI 09500
  • For balers between 5 and 30 ton pressure: 13mm wide strap, breaking strength > 380kg
    • 250 meters per coil, Tecnor reference: LI 13250
    • 500 meters per coil, Tecnor reference: LI 13500
  • For balers with pressure > 30 ton: 19mm wide strap, 300 meter per coil, breaking strength > 700kg. Tecnor reference: LI 19300
TypeLargueur (en mm)Longueur (en mètres)Pression appliquéeRésistanceLien
LI095009 mm500 m0 à 5 tonnes> 280 kgLien
LI1325013 mm250 m5 à 30 tonnes> 380kgLien
LI1350013 mm500 m5 à 30 tonnes > 380 kgLien
LI1930019 mm300 m30 tonnes ou plus> 700 kgLien

Endless waste bags Longopac

The Longopac unique waste management system consists of a mobile or fixed support device with an endless bag.

The endless bag is produced in polyethylene with three very thin layers. It is then folded using a special machine and stored in a compact cassette.

Depending on the use, the endless bag is available in several colors and thicknesses as well as in mini, midi and maxi versions. Longopac is approved for the following areas of use: Odor Control (odor control), Food (food), ESD (static material), Biodegradable (composting), Sterile (sterilization for gamma irradiation).

Plastic bags for waste compactors

Plastic bags in formats suitable for the waste compactors we offer.